Long U - ew, ue, u, u_e, use - Klavens was able to use his computer to play Kahoot., few - I have a few books that you can borrow., cute - My dog is so cute., huge - An elephant is a huge animal., cube - A cube is a 6 sided figure., music - I listen to music when I excercise., rescue - Superman to the rescue., menu - What is your favorite meal on the menu?, fuel - We need to get the car fuel for the long trip., January - January is the first month of the year., HFW - Read with a SNAP!, again - When can we play again?, below - The fish swam below the surface of the water., carry - I carry the groceries in the house., does - Tabasom does her homework., eight - There are eight girls in our class., find - Can you find the cat?, good - We are good friends., house - The haunted house was creepy., laugh - We had a good laugh., mother - This is my mother.,


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