1) Mrs. Billings has at most $60 to spend on the clothes. She wants to buy a pair of jeans for $22 and spend the rest on t-shirts. Each t-shirt cost $8. Write an inequality that could be used to find x, the number of t-shirts Mrs. Billings can buy. a) 60≥22x-8 b) 22x+8≤60 c) 22-8x≥60 d) 22+8x≤60 2) Mrs. McKever and Ms. Banks are both saving money for their summer vacations. They began saving at the same time. Mrs. McKever started with $10.25 and adds $5.15 to her savings every month. Ms. Banks did not have a starting amount but adds $10.25 to her savings every month. Which equation could be used to determine how many months, m, it will take before Mrs. McKever and Ms. Banks both have saved the same amount of money? a) 10.25m + 10.25 = 5.15m b) 10.25m + 5.15 = 10.25m c) 5.15m + 10.25 = 10.25m d) 10.25m – 5.15 = 10.25m 3) Mr. G's room holds no more than 10 people. Which inequality represents the amount of people the room holds? a) P ≥ 10 b) P ≤ 10 c) P < 10 d) P > 10 4) 82 added to a number is the same as 36 a) 82=36 b) t+82=36 c) 82+36=x d) None of the above 5) 30 Teachers are trying to raise at least $1500 to cover travel costs for a field trip. They have already raised $600. Which inequality would you solve to find the average amount each member can raise in order to meet the goal? a) 30x + 600 ≥ 1500 b) 30x + 600 ≤ 1500 c) 30x = 1500 d) 30x - 600 ≤ 1500

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