1) Wolves like to stay in their pack. They do not like to leave the group. Pack means… a) a bag b) a box c) a book d) a group 2) We bought our groceries at a store that gets food from local farms. The farms are close to our home. Local means… a) near our home b) country c) old d) hot 3) We did not do a good job on our homework so our teacher made us redo it. Redo means… a) do it again b) forget it c) color it d) throw it away 4) I have a slight idea about how to figure out that math problem, but I am not sure. Slight means… a) great b) small c) bright d) no idea 5) The squirrel dashed into the street. My mom tried not to hit it with the car. Dashed means… a) crawled b) tiptoed c) danced d) ran quickly 6) The man who owns the bank is wealthy. He has a lot of money. Wealthy means… a) smart b) funny c) rich d) happy 7) Today in math, we learned to write the numeral 8. Numeral means… a) number b) letter c) math problem d) addition 8) The gigantic elephant stomped his big feet on the ground. Gigantic means… a) small b) huge c) loud d) nice 9) The cruel man broke into the house and took the TV. Cruel means… a) mean b) angry c) nice d) smart 10) My little brother nibbled on the cookie. Nibbled means… a) threw b) smell c) ate d) candy 11) We looked at the atlas to figure out where we were going. Atlas means… a) paper b) phone c) sky d) map 12) It is crucial to win the game if we want to make it to the next round. Crucial means… a) important b) lose c) fun d) relaxing 13) The counterfeit money was not taken at the register. Counterfeit means… a) expensive b) blue c) fake d) super 14) Sometimes, my math homework is tedious and I want to do something fun. Tedious means… a) hard b) fun c) boring d) easy 15) It is unsafe to go outside in a tornado. Unsafe means… a) not safe b) safe c) exciting d) sad




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