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1) What is the thesis statement in paragraph A a) Gap years are becoming more and more popular. b) I believe there are several reasons why …, etc. c) Gap years are usually taken so that …, etc. d) A gap year is a great time for …, etc. 2) What style is the report written in? a) both informal and formal English b) a chatty, informal style c) formal written English d) semi-formal English 3) What feature do paragraphs B, C & D all share? a) statistics b) a reference to page numbers c) sub-sections d) a clear topic sentence 4) What is true about paragraph E? a) It does not have a topic sentence. b) It includes all the references to other studies. c) It presents the opposing viewpoint and its refutation. d) It contains a re-worded version of the thesis statement. 5) Why has the writer included ‘Works Cited’? a) to acknowledge his/her sources b) to summarise his viewpoints c) to recommend some relevant books d) to present some different opinions

Ex.2c ( Read the text again and answer questions 1-5.)


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