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Coal - What source of fuel is used in the power station?, Train - How does the coal arrive at the power station?, burns better - Why does the power station mix its coal?, How many boilers (units) does the power station have?, How many cooling towers does the power station have, Turbine - What is turned by the steam?, Magnet - What turns inside the copper wire to generate the electricity?, Viola - Why is the power station called Fiddlers Ferry?, Mersey - Where does the water come from that is used at power station?, Ash - What by products is left after the coal has burnt?, Gypsum - This product is used in the building industry to make plasterboard?, Hydro - Which is a renewable energy power station?, Faraday - Which scientist discovered Electro Magnetism?, Tesla - Who came up with the idea of wireless technology?, Pylons - These are tall for safety reasons, Geothermal - Which powerstation uses the heat from underground magma?,

Fiddlers Ferry Quiz


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