Juan Seguin - Born in San Antonio, Delivers Travis' Letter, Rear Admiral at the Battle of San Jacinto, William B Travis - The Alamo, Tx Commander, Writes "To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World", Davy Crocket - Tennessee Volunteer in Texas, Fights & Dies in the Alamo, Jim Bowie - Texas Commander, Gets Sick in the Alamo, fights from bed and dies, Santa Anna - President and Commander of the Mexican Army, James Fannin - Commander at Goliad, Surrenders and is executed, Sam Houston - Helps frame the Constitution, Commander of Texas Army at San Jacinto, forces Santa Anna to sign Treaty, 1st and 3rd President of Texas, George Childress - Sole writter of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Baby Face, Lorenzo De Zavala - Helps Frame the Texas Constitution, Interim Vice President 1836, Erasmo Seguin - Father of Juan Seguin, from San Antonio, Helps supply the Texas Army, Helps frame the Mexican Constitution 1824, Green & Sara Dewitt - Empressario whose colony is home to the Battle of Gonzalez, Wife made Come & Take It Flag, General Jose Urea - Captures Fannin & his men, has them executed,




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