1) According to the State Colonization Law of 1825, a) Empresarios could not receive land grants b) Empresarios failed to profit if they brought more than 100 colonists c) Settlers could claim as much land as they wanted d) Foreigners were encouraged to move to Texas 2) According to the Imperial Colonization Law, a) Babies born to slaves were free b) Slave trading was outlawed c) Children of slaves were freed at age 18 d) Slave trading was encouraged for profit 3) The Edwards brothers seized the Old Stone Fort in Nacadoches in an attempt to a) frighten Native Americans b) declare independence from Mexico c) become successful empresarios d) revolt against Austin's colony 4) How did Stephen F. Austin respond to the Fredonian Rebellion? a) He supported the Edwards brothers by sending the militia to aid them b) He hoped the U.S. would annex the new Republic of Fredonia c) He sided with Mexico d) He warned the Fredonians that the Mexicans are coming 5) Which of the following was NOT an rule in the Law of April 6, 1830? a) stopping immigration from the U.S. b) Imposing customs duty tax on goods from foreign countries c) building military forts in Texas d) extending empresario contracts 6) Stephen F. Austin was arrested in 1834 by Mexican officials because a) burglary b) treason c) murder d) slander 7) The Turtle Bayou Resolutions declared a) slavery would be permitted in Texas b) Texas colonists' independence c) Texas colonists' loyalty to Mexico d) Santa Anna as new President of Mexico 8) The most significant outcome of the Convention of 1833 was a) Santa Anna's proposal to allow Texan colonists to vote b) Stephen F. Austin's election as Governor of Texas c) Texas declared war on Mexico d) a constitution for the proposed Mexican state of Texas 9) Members of the Texan Army favored a) Santa Anna continuing his dictatorship b) holding the Consultation and possibly declaring independence c) a "wait and see" approach d) meeting the arrest demands of General Cos 10) What was the conclusion of the Mier y Teran report? a) The U.S. had made a secret deal with Texas b) There was no danger of losing Texas c) Anglo influence was too strong in Texas d) Texas needs no protection




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