1) I wish there ____ something I could do or say to help. a) is b) was c) be 2) You can't come over to mine tonight - We are having our living room ________.  a) painting b) paint c) painted 3) Beef's team managed ____ every match this competition a) to win b) in winning c) won 4) Stefano is likely to pass all his exams ___ he's studied a lot this year. a) as b) unless c) but 5) I'm sure Federica would have called you if she ___________ the opportunity yesterday. a) has b) had c) had had 6) Our AirBnB place had a well-equipped kitchen __ ___ it didn't say so on the website a) even though b) in order to c) unless 7) Violeta thought the documentary was _____ fascinating and funny! a) neither b) both c) such 8) Dyonne ___ never heard such a beautiful song before. She loved it! a) was b) has c) had 9) They weren't aware ____ the fact that the film had already started! a) in b) by c) of 10) He ________ copying the answers. But I guess that's typical behaviour of a lazy student like him. a) refused b) promised c) denied


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