Tell me about your favorite singer., Have you ever bought any music band merchandise?, What genre of music do you dislike?, What is the most popular song in your country now?, What music do you love dancing to?, Do you like music from the past?, What do you think of your parents' taste in music?, Which foreign songs do you listen to?, If there was a song that could describe you, which one would it be?, When is the best time to listen to music?, On which applications do you listen to music?, What song gets you excited?, What song gets you nostalgic?, What song gets you lonely or teary?, What's your favorite Christmas song?, What do you think of your parents' taste in music?, What are your favorite song lyrics?, What was your favorite song when you were very young?, If you had a sad friend, what song would you play to cheer her or him up?, Tell about a music festival or concert you attended before?.


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