alphabet - letters or symbols that stand for sounds, barter - an exchange of goods for services--no money involved!, city-state - an independent state with its own government, beliefs, and values, Code - laws, commandment - an order to do something, covenant - an agreement, cuneiform - a system of writing used by the Sumerians. It has triangular shaped symbols that stand for words, ideas, or sounds, currency - money (in the form of bills or coins), Empire - a state containing several territories or countries, export - to send out of an area, import - to bring into an area, irrigation - a system used to bring water to dry areas, monotheism - belief in one God, polytheism - belief in many gods, rabbi - Jewish religious teacher, Synagogue - Jewish house of worship, Torah - the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, ziggurats - temples,

Fertile Crescent Vocabulary




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