1) What is the best definition of Volume? a) A book forming a part or a series. b) The amount of space an object takes up with gaps.. c) Number of cubic units needed to pack a solid figure without gaps or overlaps. d) The number of cubic units squared that includes gaps and overlaps. 2) What is the volume of this Rubix cube? Use the unit cubes to help. a) 27 b) 18 c) 9 d) 36 3) What is the volume of the Rectangular cube? a) 100 b) 120 c) 125 d) 200 4) Find the volume of the solid.  a) 20 b) 30 c) 22 d) 60 5) What is the formula for Volume? a) L x W b) B x L c) W x H x L d) W x H/L 6) What is the volume of the rectangular prism? a) 36 cm cubed b) 132 cm squared c) 144 cm squared d) 144 cm cubed 7) What is the volume of the rectangular prism? a) 140 inches squared b) 140 inches cubed c) 150 feet cubed d) 150 inches cubes 8) Present A  is 10 inches in height and 12 inches in the base. Present B is 9 inches in height and 13 inches in the base. Which present's volume is greater.  a) Present A b) Present B

Volume of Rectangular Prisms




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