bridge - Cross over the water by taking the ________, lodge - In the national park, you will stay in a cozy ________, fudge - This type of chocolate squares is very gooey!, smudge - to smear, pledge - We ________ our loyalty to our flag at school every day., indulge - At parties we eat a dessert... we __________ in a treat., bulge - I squeezed a ball into my pocket- it made my pants _____ _____, plunge - It will feel so nice to ____ into the pool., lunges - When I exercise I will do squats and ___________, grudge - If he won't forgive her, he will be holding a ________, pudgy - The baby has cute, pink, _________ cheeks, wedge - I will use a wooden _________ as a ramp or doorstop., sludge - snow+mud= _________, trudge - I will ___________ through the deep snow, cringe - Nails on a chalkboard make me ____________., badge - The sheriff wore a star- shaped ___________., fringe - The __________ on her skirt swings when she dances., glance - A quick look over at someone is a ____________., trance - He was staring at the clock; he was put in a ________., crutch - He used a ________ because his leg was broken., crunch - When he bit into the crispy apple, it went ________., pinch - My sister was mad, and she gave my arm a __________., pitch - We will practice batting balls. I will _________ to you., hinge - The door had a squeaky __________.,

Crossword! nge, nce (soft g and c) and trigraph dge




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