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Hazy - Foggy because of pollution, Drizzling - Very light rain, Lightning - Very bright flashes of light in the sky during a storm, Cloudy - When you cannot see the sky because of clouds, Snowy - Covered with snow, Windy - When the air is blowing, Gusty - Sudden brief bursts of wind, Boiling hot - When you feel that the sun is burning your skin or when the summer temperature is above normal, Freezing cold - Extremely low temperature, It's raining cats and dogs - Truly heavy rain, A storm seems to be coming this way! - When you see dark clouds coming towards where you are, I'm soaking wet! - I'm drenched in water, It's pitch black outside - You can't see absolutely anything, We had torrential rains over the last few days - It rained heavily and for a long time, Last night there was a hard frost - When you wake up in the morning and notice that the grass is frozen,

What`s the weather like?


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