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Do you study English at School?, Do you enjoy learning English?, What other subjects do you study?, What's your favourite subject?, Do you like the town where you live?, What can you do in your town?, What's your favourite hobby?, What did you do last weekend?, What are you going to do next weekend?, Tell me about your family, Tell me about your best friend, Tell me about your school, Tell me about your favourite teacher, Where do you go at the weekend?, Who do you like spending time with?, What do you like doing in your free time?, How do you come to school every day?, How many students are there in your class?, What time do lessons start in the morning?, What food is your favourite?, What food don't you like?, Which is your favourite meal of the day?, Who does the cooking in your home?, What kinds of books or magazines do you like reading?, Where do you like reading?, Which languages can you speak?.



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