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Complementary - Bases that pair with each other are..., Adenine - Base pair that matches uracil or thymine, Cytosine - Base pair that matches guanine, Chargraff - Scientist who calculated the ratios of bases in different organisms, DNA Polymerase - The enzyme that joins the nucloetides together in DNA replication, DNA Helicase - Enzyme that breaks the hydrogen bonds between the base pairs in DNA, Polynucleotide - DNA is an example of this polymer, Phosphodiester - Bonds present between nucleotides, Triplet - The three bases that code for one amino acid are called a..., Messenger RNA - Short section of RNA produced during transcription, Stop codon - Sequence that marks the end of a gene code, Gene - A section of DNA that carries the code for a polypeptide, Peptide bond - Bond formed between amino acids to form a polypeptide, Ribosome - The site of protein synthesis, Anticodon - Section of tRNA that is complementary to codons on the mRNA, Transfer - What the t stands for in tRNA, Amino acid - Carried by the tRNA and joined together to form a polypeptide, RNA Polymerase - Joins the nucleotides together during transcription, Polysome - When several ribosomes work their way along a single strand of mRNA, Splicing - Process where introns are removed and the exons join together, Introns - Useless non-coding sections of DNA, Genome - Complete set of genes in a cell, Proteome - Full range of proteins produced by the genome, Histones - Proteins that DNA is coiled around, Template strand - One strand of the DNA that is used to create a strand of mRNA, Translation - Process of creating a polypeptide in the ribosome, Condensation - Type of reaction that joins nucleotides together,

DNA and Protein Synthesis Crossword


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