1) We ___ happy with the hotel. Our room ___ very small and it ___ very clean. a) wasn't; weren't; weren't b) weren't; didn't be; was c) weren't; was; wasn't d) didn't be; wasn't; wasn't 2) We went to the cinema but the film wasn't very good. We ___ it. a) loved b) didn't enjoy c) hate d) enjoyed 3) It was very hot in the room, so I ___ a window. a) didn't open b) closed c) opened d) have opened 4) Why ___ you ___ this morning? a) were/late b) have/being late c) did/late d) didn't/be late 5) ___ you ___ to the gym yesterday? a) Did/be b) Have/been c) Did/go d) Were/at 6) ___ you ___ at school this morning? a) Have/being b) Were/-- c) Did/be d) Has/been 7) How much ___ your new camera? a) were b) did cost c) cost d) was 8) When I ___ a child, I ___ to be a doctor. a) was; wanted b) were; wanted c) was; went d) was; wanting 9) Where ___ Boit ___ for the Olympics? a) did; train b) was; train c) got; train d) was; trained 10) He ___ to take part in the shot put, but a new rule ___ this impossible. a) went; made b) want; make c) wanted; made d) wanted; maden




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