1) A crop that is to sell for money and not used by the grower is called_______. a) a sale crop b) a cash crop c) a harvested crop d) a profit crop 2) Who provided the primary source of labor in Virginia's tobacco fields? a) English Settlers b) Native Americans c) Enslaved Africans d) Indentured Servants 3) What was the most profitable industry in Colonial Virginia? a) Coal Mining b) The Steel Industry c) Gold Mining d) Agriculture 4) __________ was the most profitable agricultural product. a) Rice b) Sugar c) Corn d) Tobacco 5) African men, women and children were brought to the colonies to work _______________. a) in factories b) on plantations c) on ships d) in coal mines 6) What is a cash crop? a) A crop kept on the farm. b) A crop that is for personal use. c) A crop that is grown to sell. d) A crop that is kept in the ground. 7) Colonial Virginians depended on agriculture as __________________. a) as a way to feed their animals b) a way to keep them healthy c) as a way to barter with Native Americans d) their primary source of wealth 8) The production of tobacco had an impact on_________________. a) the increased demand for enslaved labor b) the increased demand for more crops to feed Native Americans c) the increased demand for more crops to feed the colonists d) the increased need for more women in the colony 9) What was the cash crop in Colonial Virginia? a) Corn b) Beans c) Tobacco d) Coal 10) Tobacco was sent to ____________ to be sold for profit. a) France b) Spain c) Africa d) England

Social Studies Module 3.04 - Review




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