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1) How many stars are there on the New Zealand flag? a) four b) five c) six d) seven 2) What is the name of New Zealand's indigenous people? a) aborigines b) solomono c) maori d) latkaan 3) Who was the first white person to set foot on New Zealand? a) Captain James Cook b) Abel Tasman c) George Grey d) William Hobson 4) What is New Zealand's national bird? a) Tui b) Pukeko c) Kiwi d) Kakapo 5) Complete the sentence: "The Hector's __________ is one of the rarest sea creatures in the world. a) shark b) turtle c) crayfish d) dolphin 6) What is the name of New Zealand's national rugby team? a) All Blacks b) All Whites c) Black Caps d) White Caps 7) What three islands make up the majority of New Zealand? a) North Island, South Island and Tasman Island b) North Island, South Island and Cook Island c) North Island, South Island and Stewart Island 8) What is the name of the strait between the North Island and the South Island? a) Maori Strait b) Tasman Strait c) Cook Strait 9) What is the name of the sea between New Zealand and Australia? a) Cook Sea b) Oceania c) Australasian Sea d) Abel Tasman 10) What is the capital of New Zealand? a) Wellington b) Christchurch c) Auckland

Quiz New Zealand

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