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For Heidi With Blue Hair - Conversational, heavily 2nd person poem, supporting the passive, rebellious outburst of a grieving teenager, Elegy For My Father's Father - 3rd person romantic reflection; he grew old, without love, yet found fulfillment in nature, One art - 1st person romantic allegory; learning to lose is deceptively presented as acceptable, but is it?, Reservist - 1st person plural satirical monologue - tortuous annual training is jovially mocked by our narrator, Cold In The Earth - 1st person monologue; used to explore the 'psychology of loss'., Meeting At Night - 1st person monologue; our narrator travels across sea, and land, to reach his lover for a sensual experience, Because I Could Not Stop For Death - 1st person romantic tragic monologue; conversationally, the narrator warns readers to cherish life's little moments, The Trees - Larkin presents a 1st person observation of nature as a motivational allegory, The Trees Are Down - Ecological 1st person elegy mocking man's self-asserted insouciance towards nature, My Parents - 1st person jaded narrator reflects on a childhood void from inclusion or support, Praise Song For My Mother - Nichols worships the memory of her deity-like mother through epithet, Anthem For Doomed Youth - 3rd person polemic sonnet written by a recovering veteran questioning the chaotic insanity of war, Attack - 3rd person polemic observation narrating the hopeless march to battle written by a World War One veteran, Song: Tears Idle Tears - Universality of death denied, grieved, and atoned in a 1st person monologue, Friend - Romantic conversational monologue mourning the loss of friendship,

iGCSE 0486 2019 Exam Poetry Cluster Summary Task


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