Unexpected Behaviors : A classmate pushes you while you are standing in line to go to special. , A classmate starts making loud noises during learning time., Your teacher gives you a direction and you say "I don't want to do that!", You're playing a board game with a classmate and all of a sudden they flip the game upside down and the pieces fly everywhere. , A friend pushes you to the ground during recess., Talking to classmates when the teacher is talking., You start screaming when you don't get to be the line leader., Your teacher tells you you can't have a break so you start running around the classroom., You don't understand the teacher's directions; you get so frustrated you push your desk., Expected Behaviors : You raise your hand to ask a question during class., Raising your hand when you need help. , Sitting at your desk., Looking at the teacher when they are talking., You say "okay" when your teacher says "No, you cannot have a snack right now.", Your teacher tells you that you didn't earn your end-of-day break- you are disappointed and you say "Okay, I will try again tomorrow.", You say "HI" when your classmate walks into class, Your classmate got the library book you were hoping to get - you say "Okay, maybe I can get that book next time".,




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