1) --- your name? a) What´s b) Who´s 2) --- are you from? a) How b) Where 3) --- old are you? a) How b) Who 4) --- is your birthday? a) Where b) When 5) --- is your mobile phone number? a) What b) How 6) --- is your teacher? a) Who b) When 7) --- is your favourite book? a) When b) What 8) --- is your house? a) Who b) Where 9) --- is your neighbour? a) Who b) What 10) --- is your brother´s name? a) What b) When 11) --- is your friend? He is at home today. a) Where b) Who 12) --- day is it today? a) What b) When 13) --- the weather like today? a) What´s b) How´s

Wh- questions - choose the correct words




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