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1) 1 part salt and 4 part sand makes up 250 tonnes of grit. How much salt and sand would be needed to make 500 tonnes of grit a) 2 part salt and 4 part sand b) 2 part salt and 8 part sand c) 1 part salt and 8 part sand 2) Salt costs £71.95 per tonne. How much would 10 tonnes cost? a) £719.50 b) £7190 c) £72.00 3) Sand costs £12.21. Would 12 tonnes cost £ £152.00 a) True b) False 4) Barry interviews people for a job. He can interview up to 10 people each day. Barry needs to interview 62 people. What is the least number of days needed to interview? a) 10 days b) 6 days c) 7 days 5) Job 'A' pays £25, 000 per year. Job 'B' pays £1750 per month + a bonus of 20%. Which job pays better a) Job A b) Job B 6) For 4 weeks work Alice is paid £550 for 12 days work at Compulike and £110 for each day worked at Easytype. She works 8 days at Easy type. How much does she earn for the days worked? a) £1500 b) £1430 c) £2350 7) Return ticket to London costs £74.50. How much would 3 tickets cost? a) £225.75 b) £149.32 c) £223.50 8) One day James drives for 50 miles. He has to complete his expenses form and gets 27p per mile travelled. How much does he get back in travel expenses a) £13.50 b) £27.00 c) £27.50 9) Refreshments cost £1.25 for tea and £0.75p for pop. How much do 3 cups of tea and 5 cans of pop total to? a) £7.00 b) £7.50 c) £8.32 10) The claim form completed by James is out of date. The old form stated 27p per mile. It is now 29p per mile. How much should James get to travel 50 miles? a) £10.00 b) £14.50 c) £13.59 11) High school musical show starts at 13.50 and is for 2 and half hours. At what time does the show finish? a) 16:20 b) 4:20 c) 15:50 12) Anna wants to watch 3 shows all lasting 1 hour and 25 min each. She wants to leave at 5pm. The shows start at 13:25 and run right through. Will Anna be able to watch all 3 shows and leave at 5pm? a) Yes b) No 13) A TV package costs £30.00 one off joining fee and £24.99 per month. What is the total cost of this package for 12 months? a) £330.88 b) £299.88 c) £329.88 14) What is 0.82 as a fraction in its simplest form? a) 82/100 b) 41/50 c) 21/25

functional maths quiz new version 1

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