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This is the status a person has from something that they have done in their lives. - Achieved, A social institution which socialises people, for example, the family, education, the mass media or religion. - Agency of socialisation, This is the status or respect that you are born with an it can be based on gender, or family, or ethnicity - Ascribed, This is the economic structure of countries such as the USA and Britain where people acquire wealth through making profits. - Capitalism, People live together without marriage - Cohabitation, A group of people with a shared culture - Community, A type of school where people all have an equal chance to do well in education - Comprehensive School, This is the work that is done in the home depending on the gender. - Conjugal roles, Happening now - Contemporary, This is an act that is against the law. - Crime, Cultural capital is the type of knowledge that can give you power over other people. - Cultural capital, This is the way of life of a group of people and consists of norms and values. - Culture, The crime we do not know about is the 'dark figure' or sometimes the 'hidden figure'. - Dark figure, A young criminal - Delinquent, This behaviour breaks social rules such as norms or values. Other people see this behaviour as either 'mad' or 'bad'. - Deviant, This is the term used to describe the way that some people and some social groups are made different from others. The most common forms of differentiation are on the basis of social class, age, gender and ethnicity. - Differentiation, This is the power to act on a prejudice so that you act differently and in a way that is unfair to people in some social groups. - Discrimination, The legal end of a marriage - Divorce, Housework, or unpaid work in the home - Domestic labour, The process of learning the skills needed for your culture - Education, Everyone has the same legal chance to do well - Equal opportunity, An important part of sociological research. It means that researchers should not put themselves or anyone else at risk of embarrassment or danger because of the work that they are doing. - Ethics, This refers to the cultural group to which people may feel that they belong. - Ethnicity, This is the proof or examples that we can use to support our points of view - Evidence,

Y11 Sociology Glossary Word Wall A to E

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