1) What was happening at 4pm on 21st January? 2) What were you eating during lunch break? 3) What were they having at party yesterday? 4) What was your brother doing before leaving the house yesterday? 5) What was your grandmother reading last month? 6) What were you planning to buy for your birthday last year? 7) Were you watching a movie at the theatre last week? 8) Were you playing video games during summer vacations? 9) Was your mother teaching you how to make a sandwich yesterday? 10) Was your sister playing basketball in the court last Monday? 11) Were your friends playing guitar in the music room on Tuesday? 12) Was your grandfather writing a letter yesterday? 13) Was your father reading a newspaper yesterday morning? 14) Were you painting at school last week? 15) Was your cousin taking a walk on the beach with you last Sunday? 16) Was your uncle running in the park on last Saturday morning? 17) What were you doing at six o'clock this morning? 18) Were your neighbors painting their house last month? 19) Was your sister painting her nails in the class? 20) Was your cousin running in the City Marathon last sunday? 21) What were you doing at two pm last saturday? 22) What were you doing at five pm yesterday? 23) What were you doing at eleven am on sunday? 24) Were you having a coffee at the cafe on Tuesday? 25) What were you doing at six am this morning?

Past Continuous Tense (Make sentences with Flashcards)




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