1) I think that Chinese is ____________ language to learn. a) hard b) the harder c) more hard d) the hardiest e) the hardest 2) The "golden years" refer to _________ years of someone's life. a) the happiest b) the happier c) happy d) the more happy e) the most happy 3) My sister is ________________ person in the family. a) creative b) the more creative c) the most creative d) creativer e) more creative 4) I live _________ from the grocery store than Sam does. a) far b) farther c) farer d) the most far e) more far 5) Disney World is_________ than going to the park. a) entertaining b) much entertaining c) most entertaining d) entertaininger e) more entertaining 6) Who do you think is _________ soccer player of all time? a) the more skilled b) the most skilled c) skilled d) skilledest e) skilleder 7) Wow, that really is _________ thing that has ever happened to me.  a) the most crazy b) the crazy c) the crazyest d) the crazest e) the craziest 8) Everyone can agree that our company is _________ than our competitors! a) innovative b) much innovative c) more innovative d) most innovative e) innovativer 9) The little boy was much _________ than the other kids in his class. a) smarter b) smart c) smartest d) more smart e) the most smart 10) The _________ part about the situation is that there's nothing I can do to resolve it. a) sad b) more sad c) sadder d) saddest e) most sad 11) Gina's neighborhood is _________ now than it was in the past. Her brother's neighborhood is _________. a) safest, more dangerous b) the safest, the most dangerous c) safer, more dangerous d) safer, dangerouser e) safest, most dangerous 12) My coworker's communication needs to be _________. I would appreciate if his emails were _________ as well! a) clearest, organizeder b) clearer, most organized c) clearer, organizeder d) clearest, most organized e) clearer, more organized 13) Yesterday was the _________ day of the year so far. The weather this year is _________ than it was last year. a) hotter, extreme b) more hot, extremer c) hottest, more extreme d) hotter, the most extreme e) hottest, extremer 14) On the bus, I think the _________ seat is the one _________ to the back. a) good, farer b) better, farer c) best, farthest d) more better, farthest e) best, farther 15) Our vacation was _________ this year because I had to babysit my _________ sister. a) more boring, younger b) boring, youngest c) more boring, youngest d) boringer, younger e) boringer, more young 16) Buy our shampoo! It will make your hair _________ and _________! a) longest, more shiny b) more long, shiner c) longer, shiner d) most long, shinyer e) longer, shinier 17) I don't want the situation to get any _________, so I will try to be _________. a) worst, more patient b) worse, more patient c) worse, patienter d) bad, the most patient e) worst, patienter 18) He's _________ person I've met! He told me I was _________ than a gorilla. a) meanest, ugliest b) the most mean, more ugly c) meaner, more ugly d) the meanest, ugliest e) the meanest, uglier




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