selection - getting and offering products and services that customers want, product categories - types of merchandise and services that are organized together into groups, big box store - a retail store that occupies an enormous amount of physical space and offers a variety of products to its customers, manufacturer incentive - a financial strategy used by manufacturers to motivate retailers to sell their products by offering discounts on those products.such as a reduced purchase price for the retailer, a cash payment, or a cash incentive, such as a rebate to the customer, allocation - distributing merchandise from the manufacturer to a retailer's locations, distribution center - a building used for receiving, temporary storage, and distribution of goods according to orders as they're received, like a bridge between the supplier and the retailer, warehouse - a large building used for storage, replenishment - filling in the store's supplies if they run low, and as the store's customers buy the product, distribution - supplying goods to stores and other businesses that sell to consumers, logistics department - department that schedules the arrival of trucks, pallet - a wooden platform on which goods are stacked, inbound department - workers unload incoming products from the trucks, picking department - uses replenishment reports to retrieve cases of items that will be sent to the outbound team, outbound department - load trailers with products or supplies, packing department - handle small items that need to be repacked, facilities and maintenance - keeps the DC safe and clean, stockroom - a room where products or materials are kept until they are needed:, shelf life - the time an item remains usable, saleable, or fit for consumption, seasonal merchandise - merchandise that's available for a defined period of time, markdowns - reductions in price, such as discounts, sale prices, and specials,




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