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The first type of Hippies (1940-50s). - Beatniks, Where MLK was shot dead (Town & State) - Birmingham Alabama, The name of the militant (violent) civil rights group. - Black Power, Laws that promoted human rights in America. - Civil Rights Acts, Where Kennedy was shot dead (Town & State). - Dallas Texas, The political party of Truman, Kennedy & Johnson. - Democrats, President, ex WWII general, sent in troops to Little Rock - Eisenhower, People who rode buses in defiance of the Jim Crow laws - Freedom Riders, MLK's famous words - I have a Dream, People of different races mixing - Integration, Democrat President, ordered Cuban invasion & Vietnam build up. Raised Civil Rights as a serious issue. - Kennedy, ??? High School is where Elizabeth Eckford went to school. - Little Rock, The leader of the militant civil rights group. - Malcolm X, Leader of the non violent Civil rights movement - Martin Luther King, The political party of MLK - NAACP, The President and the centre of Watergate - Nixon, The political party of Nixon, Eisenhower and Ford - Republicans, Separating people according to ethnicity - Segregation, The ??? Is where segregation was practised. - Southern States, The person in charge of a State - State Governor, Lyndon Johnson's ambitious plan - The Great Society, The massive protest for civil rights - The March on Washington, The highest court in the US - The Supreme Court, Set up Marshall Plan, started Cold War by using Containment policy, desegregated the army. - Truman, A law that allowed Black Americans to vote - Voting Rights Act, The ??? Scandal shocked America and reduced the powers of the president. - Watergate, Where the president works - White House, A hippy festival - Woodstock, rhyming slang for segregation laws - Jim Crow, Where the bus boycott occurred (Town and State) - Montgomery Alabama,

Y11 Hist USA Keyword Revision

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