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first call to prayer - Adhan, Muslim name for God - Allah, Muslim birth celebrations - Aqiqah, major festival or sacrifice festival. Linked with Hajj - Eid ul Adha, Festival at the end of Ramadan - Eid ul Fitr, name of pilgrimage to Mecca (5th pillar) - Hajj, means 'permitted' eg: meat - Halal, pilgrim's clothes - Ihram, means 'not permitted' eg: drugs - haram, prayer leader in mosque - Imam, Muslim name for Jesus - Isa, Muslim name for Gabriel - jibreel, cube shaped building in Mecca - Kaba, sunset prayer - Maghrib, alcove in mosque indicating direction of prayer - Mihrab, tower attached to mosque used for adhan - Minaret, means 'recitation' and name of Holy Book. - Quran, cycle of prayer - Rakah, month of fasting - Ramadan, prayer to be done everyday (2nd pillar) - Salah, declaration of faith (first pillar) - Shahadah, Muslim sin = To worship false idols. - Shirk, chapter of the Quran - Surah, Worldwide Muslim community - Ummah, ritual washing before prayer - Wudu, fasting during Ramadan (4th pillar) - Sawm, poor tax (2.5%) (3rd pillar) - Zakat, circling the Kaba - Tawaf,

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