1) TELEPHONE: How important is your mobile phone to you? 2) TELEPHONE: Do you change your mobile phone often? Why/why not? 3) TELEPHONE: How can mobile phones be annoying to other people? 4) TELEPHONE: What age do you think children should be given a mobile phone? Why? 5) FLORA AND FAUNA: Can you tell me about any wild animals in your country? 6) FLORA AND FAUNA: How important are green spaces, like parks, to you? 7) FLORA AND FAUNA: What are the advantages of zoos? 8) FLORA AND FAUNA: Is gardening something that interests many young people? Why/why not? 9) MUSIC: What kind of music do you mostly listen to? 10) MUSIC: What's your experience of listening to live music? 11) MUSIC: Which musical instrument would you like to play well? Why? 12) MUSIC: What do you think about listening to music through headphones? 13) FOOD AND DRINK: Are you someone who is open to trying new kinds of food? Why/why not? 14) FOOD AND DRINK: How do you account for the global popularity of fast food? 15) FOOD AND DRINK: Has your diet changed much since you were a child? 16) FOOD AND DRINK: How important do you think it is for families to eat together? 17) CORRESPONDENCE: Why do you think text messaging has become so popular? 18) CORRESPONDENCE: Is it ever better to send a letter rather than an email? 19) CORRESPONDENCE: How good are you at keeping in contact with people? 20) CORRESPONDENCE: Would you prefer an e-card or a paper card for special occasions? Why?

LANGUAGE CERT - IESOL - B2 - PP5 - PART 1 (Speaking)


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