1) The facts or information indicating whether a belief is true or valid. a) Source b) oppose c) support d) Evidence 2) A book or document used to provide evidence in research. a) oppose b) Synthesis (Synthesize) c) Source d) Claim 3) To think, analyze and evaluate an issue in order to form a judgment. a) Synthesis (Synthesize) b) Critical thinking c) support d) Claim 4) To say that something is the case (you need evidence or proof to support it) a) Claim b) Trust c) Critical thinking d) Published 5) To give approval, encouragement or want something to happen. a) support b) Critical thinking c) Motivation d) Claim 6) To disapprove or not want something to happen. a) Synthesis (Synthesize) b) Evidence c) oppose d) Source 7) A firm belief in the reliability, truth, and strength of someone or something. a) Trust b) oppose c) Critical thinking d) Source 8) To combine (a number of things) into a whole idea or answer. a) Source b) Synthesis (Synthesize) c) Critical thinking d) Evidence 9) The reason (or reasons) one has for acting in a particular way. a) Published b) Motivation c) Source d) Critical thinking 10) To make information available online (or in a book). a) oppose b) Published c) Motivation d) Claim




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