1) Which of these phrasal verbs means: to start a business a) get up b) set up c) roll up d) take on 2) At work, being rude can lead to... a) being insulted b) getting the sack c) bringing home the bacon 3) Gucci bags cost a) an eye b) a kidney c) a hand and an arm d) an arm and a leg 4) She usually works overtime to a) bring home the pizza b) bring home the cheese c) bring home the bacon 5) Would you ever splash out ... a car? a) in b) at c) with d) on 6) She gave her husband a sports car for their wedding anniversary, ...... promised a) as b) like 7) She´s involved in several sports, ..... rock climbing and rafting a) like b) as 8) He works full-time .... a teacher a) as b) like 9) (Regret about something that didn´t happen) a) I needn´t have studied science at school b) I should have studied science at school c) I shouldn´t have studied science at school 10) (Regret about something that happened) a) I shouldn´t have eaten the whole cake b) I should have eaten the whole cake c) I didn´t have to eat the whole cake 11) I needn´t have taken an umbrella because it was sunny a) The speaker took an umbrella but it wasn´t necessary b) The speaker didn´t take an umbrella because it wasn´t necessary 12) Use FRONTING to rewrite this sentence: I went to the cinema since I had finished studying a) Since I went to the cinema, I had finished studying b) I had finished studying since I went to the cinema c) Since I had finished studying, I went to the cinema 13) Use FRONTING to rewrite this sentence: I am available to work as I have already passed all of my exams a) Having passed all of my exams, I am available to work b) Being available to work, I have already passed all of my exams 14) How do we call this part of our face? a) oferhead b) front c) forehead 15) I am trying to stick to a healthy and balanced diet and for that, I need to ....... sugar a) cut down for b) cut down on c) cut up with 16) What is this? a) chewing gum b) candy c) popsicle 17) The act of buying something OR something you buy a) bought b) purchase c) shop 18) Compare different prices in different shops before buying something a) Shop up b) Shop down c) Shop around

Review Units 13 and 14 B2




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