1) Jupiter is _______________ planet in our Solar System. (Big) a) the biggest b) the most big c) the bigest 2) My friend is _______________ person I know. (Interesting) a) the more interesting b) the most interesting c) the interestingest 3) Last week I had ______________ time of my life. (Bad) a) the badest b) the most bad c) the worst 4) We bought _____________ TV in the store. (Cheap) a) the most cheap b) the cheapest c) cheaper 5) My dog is ___________________ animal I know. (Lazy) a) the most lazy b) the lazyest c) the laziest 6) Sebastian is one of _______________ people I met. (Talented) a) the most talented b) the talentedest c) the more talented 7) Who is _______________ runner? (Slow) a) the slowest b) the most slow c) slower 8) My cousin Maria is _______________ cousin of the family. (Old) a) older b) the most old c) the oldest 9) My room is ________________ room in the house. (Clean) a) the most clean b) the cleanest c) cleaner 10) Mountain Everest is ________________ mountain in the world. (High) a) the most high b) the highest c) higher 11) Who is __________________ singer in your country? (Famous) a) the most famous b) the famousest c) the more famous 12) The moon is _____________ to the Earth.  (Close) a) the most close b) the closest c) the more close 13) Who is ____________ person in your family? (Tall) a) taller b) the tallest c) the most tall 14) My father is ____________________ person I know. (Tidy) a) the tidyest b) the most tidy c) the tidiest 15) Burj Khalifa is ________________ building in the world. (High) a) the highest b) the most high c) higher




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