Southern States - Confederacy, Northern States - Union, Confederate General - Robert E. Lee, Union General - Ulysses S, Grant, Atlanta Campaign - March to the Sea, Union President - Abraham Lincoln, union - anti-slavery, confederacy - pro-slavery, Harriet Beecher Stowe - abolitionist author wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, John Brown - abolitionist that led a violent raid on an arsenal, Battle of Gettysburg - Turning point in the war, seceed - southern states that left the union , states rights - states governments are allowed to make their own rules and laws - not the federal government, Fort Sumter - First Shots are Fired, Slavery and States Rights - Two reasons for Civil War, Appomattox Court House, Virginia - place where General Lee surrendered to Gen. Grant, abolish - to do away with, Jefferson Davis - President of the confederate states ,




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