1) What is the holy book in Judaism? a) Qur'an b) Bible c) Torah d) Guru Granth Sahib 2) What is a covenant? a) An eternal promise between man and God b) A promise c) two people in disagreement d) a commandment 3) How many commandments were there? a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) 10 e) 11 f) 12 4) What are the food laws called in Judaism?  a) Vegan b) Halal c) Kosher d) Vegetarian e) Dairy Free 5) What might you see 2 of in a Kosher kitchen? a) cupboards b) sink c) toaster d) dustpan e) spoon 6) What is touching the Mezuzah a sign of? a) Truth b) Hope c) Life d) Faith 7) Name the person God said would have many descendants. a) Adam b) Jonah c) Isaac d) Noah e) Abraham 8) Who received the 10 commandments? a) God b) Moses c) Noah d) Adam e) Abraham 9) What is the name of the Holy building in Judaism? a) Temple b) Synagogue c) Church d) Mosque 10) Men and women are separated in the synagogue a) True b) False 11) What is Yom Kippur? a) A food b) A law c) A festival d) A language 12) What does Yom Kippur celebrate? a) People forgiving God b) God forgiving people c) The 10 commandments d) The end of the flood 




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