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accessibility - How easy something is to reach or enter, or how easy something is to understand.From 'access' meaning 'way to enter' or 'right to use' with the suffix '-ibility' meaning 'has the quality of' or 'is able to be'., chlorophyll - The green substance in plants that helps them to absorb light from the sun. From the Greek 'khloros' meaning green/yellow and the Latin 'phyllon' meaning 'a leaf'., reciprocal - 1, divided by a number. For example, the reciprocal of the reciprocal of 2 is 1/2 (half). , decomposition - The process of rotting or decaying. Comes from 'compose', meaning 'to put together' with the prefix '-de' used to give it the opposite sense of meaning of 'coming apart'. , reversibility - The quality of being able to be turned around or turned the opposite. From the Latin 'reversus' meaning 'turn back' or 'turn around' with the suffix '-ibility' meaning 'has the quality of' or 'is able to be'., infinitive - The basic form of a verb, before it is given a tense or subject (e.g. 'to be' is the infinitive of 'was'), Shakespeare - Perhaps the most famous English writer and poet to have lived. He wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets. He lived and wrote in the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods., polycarbonate - A synthetic or man-made resin/plastic often used in place of glass. Allows opticians to make thinner lenses for people who would have needed thick glasses int he past. Comes from 'carbonate', a type of salt, with the prefix '-poly' meaning 'many'., maximum - The most amount possible. From the Latin 'maximum' > 'maximus' > 'magnus' meaning 'large', 'lots', 'strong' and 'old'., velocity - The speed of something in a specific direction. From the Latin 'velocitatem' meaning 'speed'., graphite - A mineral that has many practical uses, such as pencil lead. Comes from the Greek 'graphein', meaning 'to write' with the affix '-ite' used to show it is a mineral., permanent - Lasting forever. Comes from the Latin 'permanentem' meaning 'remaining'.,

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