1) Which angel announced Jesus' birth to Mary? a) Michael b) Gabriel c) Raphael d) Uriel 2) According to the Bible, where was Jesus born? a) Bethlehem b) Nazareth c) Heaven d) Jerusalem 3) During the reign of which Roman emperor was Jesus born? a) Augustus b) Tiberius c) Claudius d) Nero 4) Why was Jesus born in a stable? a) In order to fulfill a prophecy b) Because Joseph was a rancher c) Because there was no room in the inn d) To make clear that His message was for animals as well 5) The angel who appeared to the shepherds told them they would recognise Jesus this way a) He would be wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger b) They would see a halo over his head c) A star would be shining over the stable d) He would have startling blue eyes 6) Which animal does the Bible mention in connection with Jesus' birth? a) sheep b) an ox and an ass c) camels d) all of the above 7) Which star did the wise men follow to find the baby Jesus? a) The Star in the East b) The North Star c) The Star of West d) The Dog Star 8) What were the gifts that the wise men bought to honour Jesus' birth? a) Baby clothes b) A young lamb c) Diamonds and pearls d) Gold, frankincense and Myrhh 9) When the wise men told Herod they were following a star to a new born royal child, Herod a) Told them they were superstitious old fools b) Arranged for an expensive present to be delivered to the baby c) Resolved to find out where the baby was so he could kill him d) Gave instructions that the child was to be raised as his own son. 10) Where did Mary, Joseph and Jesus flee not long after the visit from the wise men? a) Jerusalem b) Nazareth c) Egypt d) The hills outside Bethlehem

Year 5ML Christmas nativity quiz




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