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1) We are pleased to hear that you are interested ... our new XYZ industrial lamps. a) about b) by c) in 2) .... separate mail we are sending you our latest catalogue. a) In b) By c) With 3) Thank you for your enquiry ... our range of products. a) about b) of c) for 4) We would request payment ... bank transfer. a) by b) with c) of 5) Delivery can be made immediately ... receipt of order. a) at b) with c) on 6) This offer is valid ... end of July. a) for b) until c) at 7) Prices are subject ... change without notice. a) at b) on c) to 8) We can offer a 3% early payment discount for payment ... ten days. a) within b) in c) by 9) Our products come ... a three year warranty. a) for b) with c) on 10) Should you have any further queries, please call us ... 7897987 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. a) at b) to c) on

Preposition practice - commercial correspondence: offers


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