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1) The gender of a baby can be determined by throwing a dead snake up in the air. If the snake lands on its back, the baby will be a girl. a) Brazil  b) Turkey c) Yemen 2) If you point your finger at the moon, you will make the guardian woman on the moon angry and she will cut your ears. a) Russia b) Taiwan c) Spain 3) If you kill a cat, you will have seven years of bad luck. a) China b) Brazil c) Korea 4) If someone dies, his/her spirit will stay around for six weeks. a) Korea b) China c) Spain 5) If you give a knif as a gift, it will lead to a broken marriage. a) Taiwan b) Russia c) Philippines  6) If you place a small cup or dish of salt in the corner of your house, it will bring you good luck. a) Brazil b) Japan c) France 7) If a bird poos on your house, you will be rich. a) Turkey b) Russia c) Japan 8) If you step on dog poop with your right foot, it will bring you bad luck. a) Spain b) France c) Korea 9) If you eat grapes at midnight, you will have good luck. a) Spain b) Russia c) Brazil 10) If you sleep at night with your head facing north, you will have a short life a) Philippines b) France c) Japan

Quiz about weird superstitions


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