A chair has got four of these. You have got two. - Legs, People often get them pierced. - Ears, You use this part of the body to taste things. - Tongue, Without them you can't breathe. - Lungs, You can put your watch on this part of your body. - Wrist, There are five of these on each foot. - Toes, You put your shoes on these. - Feet, You have one on your face. You use it to smell. - Nose, People who lift weights have big ones. - Muscles, You use this to smile, talk and eat. - Mouth, This helps your arm bend. - Elbow, You can put a ring on this. - Finger, This part of the body is between your eyebrows and hair. - Forhead, You usually lie down on this. - Back, This connects your head to your body. - Neck, These remove waste and excess water from your body.. - Kidneys, This sends blood around your body. - Heart, Women often paint these. - Nails, You have 32 of these. You use them to chew. - Teeth, This generates thoughts and controls your body. - Brain,


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