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niss-ne-eemec - mise-en-scene, rathpgoiycemna - cinematography, tdienig - editing, eegnr - genre, nvaiatrre - narrative, aesnpetrorteni - representation, uosnd - sound, gihneywgit ll-ko - low-key lighting, gktgh higyl-ehiin - high-key lighting, ocicni - iconic, onnsrenc etveioignc - generic conventions, gtseitn - setting, lniiggth - lighting, olruoc - colour, rlocpouelta et - colour palette, dengylaabogu - body language, tiosca giohorpaet isfcnnr - positioning of characters, tosucme - costume, kpem-ua - make-up, sporp - props, neiooattdn - denotation, nntooactoin - connotation, peesesttyor - stereotypes, nsae mlretcmeo - macro elements, tsolmmei ceern - micro elements,

revision of terms to lesson 3

by Anonymous


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