I am staying in Ipswich over ____ Christmas holiday. I really enjoy ____ Christmas. It is a lovely family time. This will be ____ first time I have visited Ipswich. I have ____ sister who lives in Kent. Tomorrow I'm going to ____ London Can you lend me ____ pen, please? I've forgotten mine. ____ Indian food can be quite spicy. My car is parked over there, it's ____ blue car. I would like to buy ____ laptop although they are too expensive at the moment. ____ laptop I borrowed last year was fantastic. I buy a lot of things from ____ Amazon because it's so convenient. That was ____ hardest exam I've ever taken. I find watching videos on ____ Youtube a really easy way to get new information All the roads in the city centre are so crowded with ____ traffic at the moment. Sorry I am late. ____ Traffic was terrible!

Definite, indefinite article or zero article LS Dec 2021




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