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You must use a pencil and ruler to draw a graph - T, It doesn't matter if you don't use a ruler to draw the axes - F, you can use a pen or a pencil to draw a graph - F, The graph doesn't need a title I remember what it shows - F, You can draw your graph on plain paper if you like - F, The axis which goes across is the X axis - T, Mark your plots with a X or . - F, The vertical axis is the X axis - F, The graph needs a title to explain what it shows - T, You need to use a ruler and pencil to draw axis - T, To draw a line of best fit you join up the dots - F, It doesn't matter if all the points aren't on the line of best fit. - F, Lines of best fit must always be straight - F, You don't need to lable the axis - F, You must choose a scale so your data covers most of the page - T, The line of best fit shows a trend in the data and may be a curve - T,

yr 8 graph builder

by Anonymous


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