commercials - an advertisement., merchandise - products to be sold and bought., status symbols - a possession that is taken to indicate a person's wealth, sponsors - an individual or organization that pays the costs for someone/something else., brand - a product made by a particular company under a specific name., logo - a symbol adopted to represent an organization., fashion statement - you wear something in order to attract people's attention., designer - a person who plan the form, or the looks of others., directors - a person who is in charge of an activity., icon - someone that is consider a symbol., performer - a person who entertains an audience., audience - the public., model - a person that works in fashion. The shape of something, true story - a story about something that really happened, tearjerker - a sentimental story, movie, or song., go ahead - to preceed., split up - a separation, an ending of a relantionship., break down - to stop functioning, to cry a lot.,




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