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Once upon a time [there was] a little girl that really loved to [skate]. But everybody [thought that] skating was only for boys and that girls should play other games. One day her mother [bought] beautiful dresses for her and her sister and [told] them to play "girl games". But Lina and her sister May [hated] "girl games". "Girl games" were so [boring]. Skating was so great!!! Lina [had learnt] hot to skate from her friend Zak. They were frinds since [kindergarten]. He taught Lina all the tricks about skating. Lina often dreams that she is a [mighty] woman with [magical] powers. In her dreams she can [fly] and [talk] to wild animals. She can do anything she wants and nobody tells her that she is a "little girl". Whe Lina [is playing] with her skateboard she [feels] like in her dreams. There is nothing that she can't do!!!.

Lina the skater girl


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