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1) The paper is sent to factories in _________ countries. a) different b) a lots of c) differents d) differant e) much f) a lot 2) On my last holiday I ____________ in London. a) was b) went c) were d) visited e) goed f) been 3) Kevin's watch is not ______________________ as mine. a) as expensive b) more expensive c) expensiver than d) as more expensive e) cheaper f) as cheaper as 4) You haven't _______________ the cat. a) Feeded b) Fed c) Feeding d) Feeds e) Have fed f) Feed 5) The place where we live: a) Earth b) Planet c) Earht d) earth 6) It has been raining ______________ an hour. a) since b) last c) from d) for e) ago f) before 7) Travelling by plane is ____________ than by car. a) more fast b) as fast c) quickly d) faster e) fast f) less slower 8) One of Ken's windows _______________ by the wind. a) were broken b) was broke c) was broken d) is brake e) was broked f) broke 9) Taj Mahal ___________________ as one of the Seven Wonders of the world. a) is considerated b) was consider c) are considered d) is considered e) has considering f) considered 10) _________ my last holidays a) In b) On c) At d) When

Choose ONE option.


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