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peltcierlheo - electrophile, fbferu - buffer, xcdaao ciyiblcr - carboxylic acid, eoftcneaisirti - esterification, omycsptpcersasos - mass spectroscopy, ibiqlriumue - equilibrium, taoenantcrs t - rate constant, neidngnyhgoobd r - hydrogen bonding, mmorisies - isomerism, aoisrmnetne - enantiomers, na dltoecovnb - covalent bond, piounlclehe - nucleophile, pyoretn - entropy, nuistlnoesn daatepoi - instantaneous dipole, eppcttieria - precipitate, iioioatnsn - ionisation, eytirmsolianop - polymerisation, toeiosp - isotope, hmeorporhoc - chromophore, rrecpmhaapooh - pharmacophore, lntanttiei marso - transition metal, astaot iixneodt - oxidation state,

A2 chemistry word anagrams

by Anonymous


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