sectionalism - concern for regional needs and interests, secede - to withdraw (from the Union), blockade - blocking off an area  to keep supplies from getting in or out, emancipation - the act of giving someone freedom, reconstruction - the act of rebuilding (of the South after the Civil War), martial law - imposition of laws by a military authority, sharecropper - a tenant farmer who receives a portion of the crop, popular sovereignty - independent power given to the people, revenue - income, individual rights - personal liberties and freedom, republicanism - government in which representatives are chosen, federalism - power is shared between national and state governments, abolish - formally put an end to (as in slavery), Union - Northern states (or the U.S. as a whole), Confederacy - Southern states in rebellion against the US, cash crop - agricultural product grown in large amounts for sale, rural - relating to the country, country people or life, or agriculture, urban - an area where many people live and work close together,

Unit 7 - Civil War, Reconstruction, and Constitution of 1876




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