1) How many animals are in the Chinese New Year cycle? a) 3 b) 12 c) 10 d) 15 2) 2022 is the Year of the... a) Ox b) Rat c) Tiger d) Snake 3) What do children receive on Chinese New Year? a) red envelopes filled with money b) nothing c) lots of presents d) a pet 4) People born in the Year of the tiger are thought to be a) brave and forceful b) annoying  c) naughty d) miserable 5) What is the Chinese phrase for 'Happy New Year!'? a) Nin hao! b) Ni hao ma? c) Zai jian! d) Xin nian kuai le! 6) Which colour do Chinese families think is lucky? a) red b) yellow c) blue d) gold 7) When is Chinese New Year celebrated? a) February 8th b) On a different date every year. c) Whenever families want. d) On Christmas day. 8) Before the New Year people clean their houses. Why? a) So that there is no dust. b) To make it look tidy. c) To get rid of bad feelings. d) So that they don't get rats. 9) How long does the Chinese New Year last for? a) 1 day b) 1 year c) 2 months d) 15 days 10) Why are fireworks used to celebrate the Chinese New Year? a) To scare off evil spirits. b) They look pretty. c) To make everybody excited. d) To brighten up the country.




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