What did you do as soon as you arrived home yesterday? (No sooner), What can’t you do during an online exam? (Under no circumstances), What do you need to do if you want to keep safe online? (Not only), What is something that you've never done before? (Never)/ (On no occasion), What will you do as soon as you finish this lesson? (No sooner), What did you learn from the news yesterday? (Little), Tell your partner about a place you've visited and which you find special (Nowhere else), What must you do if you want to pass your exams in Septembre? (Only if), When will we be able to go back to our ordinary lives after the lockdown? (Not till/unti), When did you learn who your teacher would be? (Only after / Only when), Under what circumstances would you do something illegal? (Only if), Are you grateful to someone for something? (Had it not been for...), What would you do if you ran into a ghost? (Use the appropriate reduced conditional) , What will do you if your mind goes blank on the day on the exam? (Use the appropriate reduced conditional), Give some advice to someone who would like to learn a new language. (Use the appropriate reduced conditional).


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