1) Who _______ (do) the dishes after dinner tomorrow? a) will do b) do c) does 2) Do you think that the biology test _______ (be) very difficult? a) will be b) is c) be d) are 3) My mum will bake a cheesecake _______ ? a) yesterday b) tomorrow 4) Be careful! You ________ (fall down) from the stairs! a) fell b) will fall c) is fallen d) won't fall 5) I know that Mark is ill and I _________ (visit) him tomorrow morning. a) visits b) visit c) will visit 6) George _________ (help) me to finish my essay. a) helps b) help c) will help 7) John is not here I'm afraid. Ok then. I __________ (call) him later. a) won't call b) is calling c) call d) will call 8) I think Jane __________ (not/speak) to him any more after what he did. a) won't speak b) will speak c) doesn't speak d) don't speak 9) The children __________ (go) to church next Sunday. a) will go b) go c) will gone 10) I noticed that she was angry with me so I ________ (talk) to her soon. a) talks b) talk c) will talk d) won't talk 11) She is fed up with her old car and she _________ (sell) it soon. a) will sell b) won't sell c) do sell d) is selling 12) Have you chosen a place for your holiday yet? Yes, we ________ (go) to Greece. a) won't go b) will go c) is going 13) It ________ (be) sunny tomorrow. a) be b) will be c) is 14) Oh, you're sick. I ________ (go) to the pharmacy and get you some medicine. a) won't go b) will go c) is going d) are going 15) She ________ (record) any CD next year. a) won't record probably b) probably won't record c) probably not will record 




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